Lewiston Maine Waterfront

Buker Pond, Jimmy Pond, Little Purgatory Pond, Sand Pond and Woodbury Pond also known collectively as Tacoma Lakes are located in Kennebec County Maine and spans the towns to Litchfield and Monmouth.

Kennebec County Maine is home to a group of ponds which together form Tacoma Lakes.

From Litchfield to Monmouth, the ponds Buker, Jimmy, Little Purgatory, Sand, and Woodbury Pond are connected by causeways and provide outstanding recreational activities on the water. Anglers will take special pleasure in a trip to Tacoma Lakes.

There is a wide variety of options for fishing: brown trout, white perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass all thrives here. And of course, everyone can find something to enjoy here: everything that you expect from Maine waterfront properties can be found on the Tacoma Lakes.

The area is fairly well developed and supports both seasonal rentals and year round homes. Within a half hour drive from the cities of Lewiston and Augusta, the area is convenient.

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Lewiston Maine Properties with Waterfront Access

Lewiston ME waterfront

Properties in Lewiston with waterfront access: