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Sabattus Lake, aka Sabattus Pond

Located in Sabattus, Greene and Wales Maine

Sabattus Lake

Sabattus Lake

Nestled close to the cities of Lewiston and Auburn, Sabattus Pond is a popular destination. With an excellent boat launch near Martin’s Point, the shoreline is well developed. Large but shallow, Sabbatus has a depth of 14 and 19 feet and covers nearly 2000 acres.

You will find many opportunities for recreating, including paddling and fishing. With good populations of pickerel and perch, Sabattus is an angler’s delight.

Sabattus has an interesting story. Its history has been one of poor water quality, but a large and ongoing effort is in place to change all that. The pond is drawn down three feet annually; the water is turned over completely each year, and there are new controls on land-use activities in the watershed. All of this has combined to improve the quality, and has already benefited the fisheries in Sabattus.

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